An A Level Art project by Bette-Belle Blanchard:These A2 sketchbook pages show the development of curving, organic sculptural forms, inspired by Henry Moore. The simple technique of wax resist (crayon drawings with washes of dye), results in an eye-catching page: quick and confident recording of ideas on paper

Sculpture and 3D Design Sketchbooks – 20 Creative examples

Don't Panic Online

Henry Moore: Standing Figures and Ideas for Sculpture, circa 1948 Pencil, wax crayon, coloured crayon and watercolour wash on paper

A-Level Sketchbook - In-depth Brainstorm: Developing My Ideas by Sally Al Nasser Portfolio

This is the process where I explore new innovative ideas and combine words and visual images to spark any concepts for my large-scale pieces. it is also part of my idea spectrum and gives me a starting point where my future designs begin.