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Still shake. I tend to think I'm not good in emergencies but my granny whose a nurse, or was, seemed to think 'lulu my dear you're very calm!' That's how she says it lol. That anything like that is training. You need good training (I think she's still hoping to make a midwife out of me lol)

I got tired of 30 day writing challenges that were just lists of stuff about you. So I created a 30 day writing challenge that is 30 flash fiction writing prompts.:

Something You Do Daily

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.” ― John C. Maxwell #motivation #quotes

32 Beautiful Motivational Quotes That'll Give You Life

That iam!!! Everything is changing for town,job, home, number, accounts and friends and relatio ships! I wont get stuck in old habbits or old ways.cause i refuse to settle.i learned from my past.i know what to change

To everyone, not just myself, my friends and family, you are good enough for not just me but life, everyone, everything. Please don't change a thing about you, you are enough.

Structuring Your Daily Routine to Promote Strong Mental Health

"Getting into a daily routine can benefit your mental health because it creates stability, structure, and familiarity.” - Nicole Amesbury, Therapist and Head of Clinical Development at Talkspace // #GemNation: