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Travel and Exploration

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We carry a large stock of important accounts of exploration and discovery in Asia, Africa, the Americas, the Middle East, Central Asia, Australasia and Europe. The department also has books relating to the Polar regions and to mountaineering in all continents. Please follow the link to view our latest travel and exploration catalogue, 'Far & Wide':

SCOTT, Captain Robert Falcon. Scott's Last Expedition […] London, [Spottiswoode and Co. Ltd. For] Smith, Elder & Co., 1913. #bookplate #penguin #expedition #travel #exploration

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The Essential Kafir. London, A. & C. Black, 1904. First and most profusely illustrated edition. 'Perhaps the most accurate, vivid, and complete description of South African native life ever produced' (Mendelssohn).

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over 1500 pages packed with information on west bengal and bangladesh [BENGAL]. The Bengal and Agra Annual Guide and Gazetteer for 1842 Calcutta, William Rushton & Co., [1841-42].

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[MONT BLANC]. Souvenirs du Mont-Blanc de Chamonix et des sites remarquables de la route contenant 24 vues et un panorama de la chaine du Mont-Blanc depuis la Flégère. [n.p., n.d., c. 1840]. First edition. #mountaineering #mountain

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[ARMENIA]. L'Arménie pittoresque. Venice: Imprimerie Arménienne de St. Lazare, 1871. #armenia #scenery

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'the most complete and most important monograph on the birds of africa so far written' REICHENOW, Anton. Die Vögel Afrikas. Neudamm: J. Neumann, 1900-1905. #africa #birds #naturalhistory

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PERRY, Fred. Who Discovered the North Pole? 6 Chesnut Road, Tottenham, [1909]. #caricature #polar

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russia goes chinese BICHURIN, Iakinf. Kitai, ego zhiteli, nravy, obichai, prosveshchenie. St. Petersburg, printer of the Imperial Academy of Sciences,1840.

'a book, which if everything else in our language should perish, would alone suffice to show the whole extent of its beauty and power' BIBLE, ENGLISH, KING JAMES ('GREAT SHE BIBLE') 1611-1613 #antique #religion