Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Unite!
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Soulful with Swan Line Art - Engraved Silver Heart Necklace - FREE SHIPPING | Soulfully Sassy
a woman standing in front of flowers with the words link in bioq my prayer for you
My prayer for you
My prayer for you Is that when you look in the mirror When you see yourself You see yourself through the eyes of God, with the eyes of the Goddess.... Read more #goddessblog #loveblog #prayer #ohmygoddess #latestblog #manifesting #divineself #goddess #livinggoddess
an info sheet describing how to connect with your spouse and what they mean
How to Reconnect With Your Spouse Emotionally, Sexually, Spiritually, and Intellectually (Questions Included)
How to connect or reconnect with your spouse emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, physically and sexually.
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How Well Do You Know Your Mate? Over 50 Relationship Questions for All Couples -
Relationship advice. Marriage advice. Relationship Questions. Premarital tips.
the back cover of a book with an image of a man in black and white
50 Ways to Love Your Husband Using Physical Touch - Alonda Tanner
50 different idea you can use to incorporate physical touch into your marriage if your husbands love language is physical touch. @mrslotanner
a heart with swirls and the word loved written in white on a green background
Heart Chakra - Loved by CarlyMarie | Redbubble
Heart Chakra - Loved by CarlyMarie
a painting of a woman holding a baby in her arms and flowers on the ground
The deep beauty, gentleness & Divinity of the Divine Masculine God Essence is essential to ALL of Life. His deep beauty & Love that he radiates is essential to the harmony & balance of Life as he merges deeply with his true Divine Feminine Goddess Self. One cannot exist without the other. The deep Love that his true Divine Goddess holds for Him flows through Him deeply & is interwoven into His very existence merging their Life together as One for Eternity ~ Jessibiah & Antiera ♥ Art- Ines Honfi