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Having an droid with android 4.1 is no longer an luxury, you can buy an android phone having jellybean for as low as Rs 15000, so here we will name a few which are outstanding in their benchmark test ( benchmarking is basically knowing a potential of your phone as compared to other phones, there are many apps available on Google Playstore which will let you do benchmark test on your own). So we name here few phones having an outstanding benchmark test and yes having android JB too.

Android applications for reading News and Magazines (Tech related) Many people here have habit of accessing news and tech stories via phones, like me. And yes, I would like to add that its best way to kill time (ofcourse if you are not addicted to games). Here I would like to add android apps that would help you in access

This blog is about android and various tricks and tips related with android. You will see many tutorials and description of the techniques used in android(like rooting, custom roms etc).

We all know the power of android, but few years ago Android phones were very costly. only few of them would be able to afford it. And that to while buying we would get Gingerbread devices only, as Ice Cream Sandwich was not that mainstream, even now it covers only 25% of the android market. but after the launch of jellybean more and more companies are trying to launch budget ICS phones. There are many ph

We all know power of Android, but you can't deny that Applications have great impact on its popularity. If you don't have enough apps on your playstore to compliment your OS then it won't have an impact on usersbut Google or say Android has nailed that thing by making its OS open source. so you can get hold on apps that can automate your life for you..

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Android has continued this tradition with Jellybean where person tapping on Android version were greeted with a bean and when it long pressed it , you're presented with a game that encourages you to flick candy around a gravity-less location.

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