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an illustrated book cover for the colors of life
Look at the Colours of Life
Everyone’s favourite, Ruskin Bond, shows us the colors that surround us and make our world so beautiful—a beauty we can see even as we sleep, in our dreams! A spectacular picture book for ages 6 and above.
an illustrated book cover for the story of the first jesus of calculata, rides a royal elephant
Shalome Rides a Royal Elephant | Speaking Tiger Books
The wonderful story of Shalome Ha Cohen, the first Jewish settler of Calcutta, as narrated by Chanchal, a monkey who befriends him. Funny, heartfelt, and filled with insights into Jewish life, this is not just the story of Shalome and Chanchal, but also about the great melting pot that is India where different communities and religions have lived in harmony over the ages.
the case of the vanishing gods
The Case of the Vanishing Gods
In the town of Maulsari, where Meera and Malhar’s father is the Superintendent of Police, a shocking burglary has shaken up everyone. Valuable jewellery and a beautiful antique idol of Goddess Mahalsa Narayani have been spirited away. Who could have carried out this audacious theft? Find out in this first book of an exciting new mystery series published under #TalkingCub. Uniquely, it also brings up issues of justice and equality, and holds a mirror to the world around us.
the dog with two names by nandita da cunha, illustrated by susan mitchell
The Dog With Two Names
From Talking Cub, we have this wonderful collection of stories that celebrate differences and multiple perspectives. Our rainbow society comes to life in these pages—teeming with diversity— in which children stand up and make our world a kinder, richer place. Together, these stories of fellowship, filled with emotion and humour, hold out a beacon of hope and love. Appropriate for ages 10+ years.
the cover of fierce - face the tiger jungle stories
Fierce-Face the Tiger: Jungle Stories
Dhan Gopal Mukherji, widely read and celebrated in the West for many years, wrote evocatively about the wildlife and forests of India. In this volume​ published under #TalkingCub, two of his finest animal creations, Fierce-Face and Kari, come together for the first time to mesmerize many new readers.​
the cat who become king and other stories from india by dhan gopal mushei
The Cat Who Became King and Other Stories From India
Noted children’s writer Dhan Gopal Mukherji gave his own unique twist to traditional Indian tales. Teeming with creatures big and small—from the fly to the mighty tiger—each one of these stories teaches gently and humorously the values of kindness, and bravery, and shows that wisdom resides everywhere. This collection is bought together in one volume for the first time with #TalkingCub.
the book cover for nmmi's crawlful camping days by shabam minalla
Nimmi’s Crawful Camping Days | Speaking Tiger Books
Filled with dramatic and tender moments, Nimmi’s Crawful Camping Days is a laugh-out-loud treat and a spectabulous addition to the well-loved series about Nimmi Daruwala.
Ruskin Bond Book Friends Sleeping, Tree Saw, Little Animals, Old Tree, Children Playing, Old Trees, Ancient Tree, Happy Days
Old Trees Have Secrets | Speaking Tiger Books
What can an old tree see? Find out in this gorgeously illustrated poem by the inimitable Ruskin Bond where young readers can learn more about the many moods and colours of life. Packed with illustrations by David Yambem.
children books India First, Adventure Story
Kungfu Aunty Versus Garbage Monsters | Speaking Tiger Books
From our children's imprint #TalkingCub, we have KUNGFU AUNTY VERSUS GARBAGE MONSTERS A first of its kind adventure story with a strong environmental message from award-winning author @shwetawrites. India's first 'ecopunk' book for children, it also highlights innovative ways of using technology to combat pollution. Age group: 9+ years Cover by the wonderful Sunaina Coelho @studio_babakiki
children books Train Journey, Detective, Print On Demand, The Neighbourhood, How To Become
Dance, Nani, Dance: Stories of Grandmothers and Grandfathers
Meet Paati, Thatha, Dida, Nani, Dadi, Dadu and so many more grandparents of all kinds in this charming collection of stories by some of India’s best children’s writers. What is a child to do if Nani decides to audition for a dance show? Or if Paati suddenly appears as an apparition with magenta-coloured hair? What is it like when Thatha becomes a detective and goes crime busting, or when Dadu decides to deal with an unhappy ghost in the neighbourhood?
The Treasure of the Khasi Hills | Speaking Tiger Books
In a trunk containing his late grandfather’s possessions, Kumar finds a human skull. On looking carefully, he discovers that there are tiny carvings on it—a code to a treasure! Find out what happens next in this first-ever English translation (by @jashodharachakraborti) of Hemendra Kumar Ray's classic book! Published under our #TalkingCub imprint; Available across bookstores.
the book cover for the legend of the orange princess by melli gorhi
The Legend of the Orange Princess | Speaking Tiger Books
From #TalkingCub, here is eminent artist @mehlligobhai's beautiful retelling of the ancient legend of the mysterious orange princess is an enchanting read, enhanced by his opulent colour paintings. @mahimkajerry Now at your nearest bookstore and online!
the adventures of siddar by dhan gopal muncher
The Adventures of Sirdar: The Chief of the Herd | Speaking Tiger Books
Dhan Gopal Mukherji was one of the first Indian writers to make a mark in the West, and the only writer from India to be awarded the prestigious Newbery Medal for writing for children. In this book, he weaves a magical story of animals, the enchantment of forests and the creatures who live free in them, and creates the unforgettable character of Sirdar—the mightiest and noblest of all elephants. Age Group: 9+ years