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Once again DIY idea helped me in rescuing my old comfy sweater and the latest idea of mine consists of touch of leather. So, if you guys have old sweetheart sweater , which is outdated , you can use today's idea to give it a brand new look.Let's get started with today's DIY project - Revive Old Sweater With Touch Of Leather.

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Wanna stand out from the crowd? Add a bit of "sparkle" to your Jeans.

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Need to revamp your old favourite shorts , try this trick !!!

Have old boring jeans,which needs upgrade,try this DIY trick which will bring your jeans in front row with not one,not two,exactly three trend tips in one shot

Today's centre piece - Cortrai Pants , used to be my favourite one but haven't worn them from past two seasons because of their outdated look.I thought why not to make it wearable before investing in new one.Here is my take on cortrai pants to bring them back to front row of my wardrobe.