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Hold your breath , today is the revelation of this season's top 5 Nail Shades.

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One accessory trend which has stood out in fashion world since past few seasons is Belt.I can imagine not to accessorise my outfits with statement jewelry but there is hardly any outfit which I do not spice up with belts. In order to give tribute to my fave accessory I have got must-have ten latest belt trends which is going to rock your wardrobe.

For women , bags/purses/clutches are of vital importance , they are not just for accessorising an outfit , they serve the crucial necessity which a lady outfit can't serve :). Jokes apart clutches are making a strong wave in fashion world and they come in myriad of sizes , colour and types.Today I have put together Top 10 Clutches Of Year 2013 , which are fashion necessity , not just an accessory.

Do you guys want to make your workout session the best time you spent in your whole day , keep these tips in mind !!!

Do you guys get confused like me after looking at endless palette of lipstick shades in beauty shop. To end this dilemma , I have got eight top lipstick shades after scrutinising runway trends for fall/winter 2013.

Do you think it's a daunting task to look for an ideal perfume out of myriad of choices presented in beauty store. Don't worry , today I have got top 10 perfumes/fragrances of this season which will at least help you cut short the list :).

Do you guys ever felt that you consume only two or three shades from your eye shadow palette and rest are there sitting intact :). Today I have got top eye shadow palettes which will satisfy our full eye makeup appetite.

A pair of rocking sunglasses could be a style statement we wanna make and in turn enhances our personality as well our outfit of the day.Let's get started with future upcoming hottest styles in sunglasses , so that if you are planning to buy one , today's article is a must read.

I am bit late on making list for this winter as the season is already on it's peak but we ladies need any damn excuse to go for shopping and splurge some money :).Today's Winter Wardrobe Essentials List cover us right from shoes to accessories to main pieces of clothing , which we would need to make a style statement.

Wardrobe essentials to spice up your style which you will always need to satisfy your daily fashion appetite.