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Unbelievably easy to make whole wheat bread. . All queries on bread machine, ingredient details, bread slicer has been shared in our previous reels.. please go through them and ask if you still have any doubts. . To get the detailed recipe in your dm simply comment Bread.. or search bread spicesandflavors on Google or YouTube. . #indianbaker #wholewheatbread #breadmachine
2024's Easiest Bread I challenge.. . Comment Bread to receive the recipe in your dms.. or simply search white Bread spicesnflavors on YouTube or Google.. . #whitebread #indianbaker #indianbread
Rains.. chai.. cake.. ufff.. . Comment cake to receive the full recipe delivered straight into your dm.. if you are commenting for the first time then please do check the request folder for the recipe. . #coffeecake #indianbaker #indianyoutuber
Comment link to receive the details in your dm. . Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post; got it from my own money. What works for me might not work for you. So be your own judge before purchasing any product that you see online. . #indianbaker #breadslicer #indianbread
Dehydrated starter procedure. . Rehydrating part coming soon 🥰 . #sourdoughstarter #indianbaker #indiansourdough
This is how you can carry your starter with you. . The process is called dehydration, and it actually works. Yes, I was hesistant too, but now I can say this process is true to believe. . Here is what I did: Step 1: Fed my starter 1:2:2 Step 2: Allowed it to double Step 3: Spread it out onto a parchment paper as thin as possible Step 4: Allowed to sun dry Step 5: Packed in a glass jar . That's how simple it is. Let me know if you would like to see the entire process of dehydration as well ...
Here is how you can replace store bought bread. . Investing in a bread maker is a great solution to make homemade bread as all you need to do is dump ingredients in the bread maker and it will knead, prove and bake the bread for you. . So far, I have tried sandwich bread and 100% Whole wheat bread and it turned out great. Comment link to receive details about the bread machine, the recipe and all the ingredients details in your dms.. . #breadmaker #indianbaker #bread remix with @foodpharmer
100% Whole wheat bread 🥰 . It is easier than you think. Comment link to receive the recipe in your dms ❤️ . #bread #breadmaker #indianbread #indianyoutuber
the blueberry muffins are ready to be eaten
Easy Blueberry Muffin Cake Mix recipe - so Moist!!
Easy homemade blueberry muffins with cake mix! This simple recipe combines the bright flavors of yellow cake mix and zesty lemon zest for a delightful twist on classic muffins. Perfect for breakfast or snacking, these mouthwatering treats are sure to be a hit. Try them today!
Motichoor ladoo Cake that is an absolute family favorite 😍 my daughter had been asking me to make this for more than a year now and with the busy routine of school, work and family I really couldn't find the time to make it. . But now, on vacations I finally got a chance to make the imperfect version, but that's what made my daughter happy, so all good. . Well, just comment "link" if you would like to make this too.. . #indiancake #fusioncake #indianbaker #egglessbaking
Baking Haul that no one asked for 😅 - part 4 . #indianbaker #baking #bakinghaul
10 mins Tiramisu for gifting 🫰 . Comment recipe to receive the recipe in your dm.. . #tiramisu #indianbaker #ediblegifts
Join me in making your own bread in 2024 . #bread #breadbaker #Sourdough #sourdoughfocaccia
Sourdough focaccia - nailed it!!! . Let me know what your thoughts are?? . #Sourdough #sourdoughfocaccia #focaccia #indianbaker