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a hand pointing at someone standing on top of a cliff with the words also above it
the tweet has been altered to show women in historical dress and tiaras
74 Scammers Who Got Destroyed By Their Would-Be Victims | Bored Panda
two women in black and white outfits, one reading a book while the other reads
someone posted an interesting message on their twitter
This Online Group Is Dedicated To The Most “Chaotic Good” Actions They’ve Seen (50 Pics)
the comic strip shows people talking to each other and one is writing on a notepad
The Highly Sensitive CEO - Leonie Dawson | Goals, Marketing + Creativity For Glorious Humans
Films, Feelings, Manga, Truth, Literature Quotes, Literature, Soul
11 Things You Should Stop Doing For Your Partner
an old man is holding his hand out with the words guess in front of him
Reading, Thoughts, Poems, Pretty Words, Beautiful
Generational Sh*tposts About The Boomer-Millennial War
Generational Sh*tposts About The Boomer-Millennial War
an english professor wrote the words'a woman without her man is nothing '
A woman:without her, man is nothing.
an article in the book, an instruction to vulcann stylistics and the vulcann languages
Vulcan Intro | PDF | Grammatical Tense | Vulcan (Star Trek)
a drawing of a cat sitting next to a child
a woman holding a crystal ball in front of a rainbow colored background with text that reads grateful to be here what the actual fock me
A Big Old Barrel of Random Memes & Tweets
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