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fruit salad with oranges, kiwi and strawberries in a glass on a cutting board
Spring Fruit Salad with Sweet Citrus Dressing
With loads of fresh, spring fruit and a sweet citrus dressing, this spring fruit salad is the perfect side for the season! Easy to make and absolutely delicious, this recipe is perfect for spring meals, easter brunch, and more.
how to dry oregano seeds in the garden
How to Dry Oregano
Learn how to dry oregano with this simple tutorial! Make your own dried herbs with a fresh oregano harvest. Preserve your delicious herbs and enjoy them all year long!
a person holding up some radishes in their garden with the words when to plant spring vegetables
When to Plant Spring Vegetables
You don’t have to wait until summer to enjoy homegrown produce! Learn when to plant spring vegetables in your vegetable garden and enjoy delicious, early harvests. Here is everything you need to know to start a spring garden.
the best vegetables to grow in a spring garden
What to Grow in a Spring Garden
Learn all of the best veggies to grow in a spring garden! With 21 different selections, you're sure to have a packed garden this spring.
a beet growing in the soil with green leaves
Best Vegetables for a Spring Garden
Have fresh, homegrown vegetables before summer. Grow a spring garden! Here are the 21 best vegetables to grow in the spring.
four different pictures with the words best vegetables to plant in a spring garden
What to Grow in a Spring Garden
Learn which vegetables and herbs to plant in a spring garden! There are many delicious crops that can be started long before the warm weather arrives. Learn exactly which veggies you can grow in the spring to enjoy fresh, homegrown harvests earlier.
the free garden planner printable is displayed on top of a desk with other items
Free Garden Planner to Make Planning Easy
Make garden planning easy with this FREE garden planner! Over 20 full-color pages with a guide to make it simple, this garden planner will help you have your best harvest ever.
someone holding up some seed packets with onions on them and the words when to start a garden
When is the best time to start a garden?
Wondering when is the best time to start a garden? The answer is; it depends! Learn everything you need to know to start your garden at the perfect time!
four different pictures with the words how to plan a garden full guide for 2024
How to Plan a Garden
Whether this is your first garden or you're a seasoned grower, this full guide will help you plan your garden for 2024! With a free planner and all of the steps, you'll be ready to have your best growing season ever.
herbs are hanging from a wooden rack on the wall
How to Dry Sage (4 Easy Methods)
Learn how to dry sage with 4 simple methods! From harvest to storage, find everything you need to know.
a basket filled with lots of different types of tomatoes
How to Grow a Salsa Garden
If you love fresh, homemade salsa for your tortilla chips, tacos, and burritos, growing a salsa garden is a must! Learn how to grow all of the ingredients you need to make a delicious homemade salsa in your very own salsa garden.
a close up of a drink in a glass on a table with berries and leaves
Blackberry Bourbon Smash
This blackberry bourbon smash is the perfect summer and fall drink! With sweet blackberries and oaky bourbon, you'll love sipping this refreshing and balanced drink.
oatmeal with apples and pecans in a glass bowl
Pumpkin Spice Fall Oatmeal Recipe
This fall oatmeal recipe is the perfect cozy breakfast for autumn! With pumpkin puree, fall spices, and crisp, sweet apple, this oatmeal is filling, nutritious, and tasty.
green and red peppers growing in the garden with text overlay reading gardening gifts for men
Gardening Gifts for Men
two chipmuns sitting on top of a rock next to a potted plant
How to Repel Chipmunks the Natural Way
Keep the chipmunks from eating your garden the natural way! Learn how to repel small rodents with coffee grounds and several other simple, organic methods. No more losing your flowers, vegetables, and fruits to the chipmunks.