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a book cover with gold coins on it and the title measuring the success of your holiday selling campaign
Measuring the Success of Your Holiday Selling Campaign
Now that the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Holiday rush is over, here’s how to polish your ecommerce strategy and increase your success rate throughout the year. 📈
a book cover with the words build year - round customer loyalty
How To Build Year-Round Customer Loyalty
Once you’ve put time and money into attracting new customers to your site during the holidays, now is the time to turn that momentum into repeat business. Here’s how to keep your holiday customers year-round ➡️
a book cover with the title how to prep your website for holiday sales read on making it
How To Prep Your Website For Holiday Sales
Tips for boosting sales this holiday season ⬇️ ⛅Set up your store early 🧠Brainstorm unique products to add 🛍️Stress-test your online store Learn more right here:
the cover of how to optimize selling, shipping and fulfillment on your online store
How To Optimize Selling, Shipping and Fulfillment on Your Online Store
Important to make sure your online store is set up to sell, ship, and fulfill all of your orders seamlessly 📦 Check our tips on optimizing your online store for the holiday rush right here:
a person writing on a piece of paper with the words create your holiday marketing plan
Create Your Holiday Marketing Plan
A holiday marketing plan will help you drive sales and help turn browsers into paying customers 💸 Here’s how to get started:
Small Business Guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Get ahead of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday rush by optimizing your online store and creating a marketing strategy with our official Holiday Selling Guide 🎁