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krishna :- the saver of world by sanjay14 on deviantART

lord krishna hari krishna hari Krishna Krishna Krishna hare hare krishna :- the saver of world

DATTARAJ KAMAT Animation art: Radha Krishna!

SHRI A small illustration based on an Idea. I wanted to do a quick sketch but I spent a little more time and having fun drawing the foliage behind!

Krishna and Sudama...:)  Best friends !

Krishna Kanhya is my dearest soulfriend, my lord, my life guide, my everything.

radha krishna

Krishna and Radha--- the two figures in my life, with massive historic and mythical proportions.

.KRISHNA's lotus feet.

June, Gurgaon Krishna’s lotus feet Last few weeks one term that I have been constantly reading is Krishna’s and Guru’s lotus feet.

Kaliya subdued

Kaliya subdued by Krishna. Kaliya, in Hindu traditions, was the name of a…