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asl books for beginners | Learning Modern American Sign Language | Rocket Sign Language Premium ...

Key words to communicate for the hearing impaired community. Welfare workers can increase their ability to communicate and build rapport by having a fundamental grasp of some basic signing skills.

Facial Massage Exercises 11 Tips For Flawless Skin That These Asian Celebrities Swear By #FacialMassage www.prettyyoungerskin.com

In Grazia Japan, Taiwanese model Lin Chi-ling details how she does it. 11 Tips For Flawless Skin That These Asian Celebrities Swear By

FREE! Character Traits Categories- easier for students to navigate

Character Traits Categories- writing folder ideas These would be great writing promps. Pick a character trait and write about it.

Hatha Yoga Asanas Beginners | Hatha Yoga Postures http://yogaforbeginnerstips.com/hatha-yoga/

Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation): These yoga poses de-stress, remove toxins and are a great relaxation exercise. Expect to see skin glowing results if practiced regularly!

grammar 102

The Parts of Speech 101 - nouns, pronouns and verbs. Check out the online quizes at the end!

A variety of words to describe a voice.

Voice adjectives: "And through the brittle air, her honeyed voice sang the most beautiful broken tune I have ever heard"