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Soft Skills For Younger Generations

More and more research is being shared on the LACK of “Soft Skills” that young generations have. A few examples of Soft Skills include the ability to communicate, getting along with others, a good attitude, self-motivation and thinking creatively. Often these skills are not developed or underdeveloped because Parents or Educational institutions focus more on academic skills rather SOFT SKILLS
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Soft Skills FUNCLUB - Creating awareness of child abuses, Disability awareness, understanding human values & Ethics etc.,

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Create Social competencies - Soft Skills FUNCLUB, a Platform for younger generations

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Create Personal competencies - Soft Skills FUNCLUB, a Platform for younger generations

Soft Skills FUNCLUB for Yong Generation to Learn Soft Skills in a FUN! Way...

Soft Skills FUNCLUB - Make the younger generation to understand the good and bad touches and sexual abuses awareness

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Soft Skills FUNCLUB Soft Skills FUNCLUB, an unique and interactive game-based learning platform helps younger generations to learn Soft Skills in a FUN! Way. It maximize the following 3 important areas to develop Soft Skills. 1. Learning For Life 2. Bringing Generations Together 3. Technology for Learning

Soft Skills FUNCLUB Launching Soon.. Something Magical is in the Making....