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I have been searching for a searchlight that is capable of being hung from the batton. Here is one for around 870$ this may be to expensive, i am still currently looking for a cheaper one.

Search light. Could not see price. May be cheaper than the other pinned. -Abigail

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This Winston floor lamp will light the stage of your home, office or Moulin rouge! This vintage inspired tripod light dominates any room, adding character and sophistication. With a modern flair, its metal chrome finish will give you that distinctive look you’ve been searching for. $490

In the "2+2=5" or room 101 scene, the light was never turned out as torture. Maybe there could be a single light bulb hanging, unless you want to go with more intense light. -Abigail

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The play version of 1984, that we recieved; states that whenever the loudspeaker behind the poster is being used, a spotlight focused on the poster should be turned on full. At other times the spotlight should be dimmed out. - Jake