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an intricately designed hand is shown in this image
Fresh stain. ( phulkari elements inspired by @mehndidesigner ) Paste kept on skin for over Night. We use ONLY NATURAL ORGANIC HENNA CONES! When u use cheap Quality or chemical mixes oil, it peels off ur skin. Don't Tell me it's SAFE! There is a Huge difference Btween using 1000rs/litr essential oil and 6500rs/litr. I prefer QUALITY over QUANTITY. Note: you can purchase our 100% natural organic henna cones at : 29th aug is the last date to place ur order. We have o...
henna designs for hands and feet
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the hand is decorated with henna designs
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two hands with henna tattoos on them, one is showing off the intricate design
two hands with henna designs on them
two hands with henna tattoos on them and flowers in the background, both showing their intricate designs
two hands with henna designs on them
Lacy style heena
a woman's hand is decorated with flowers
Henna | flower design | good for little girls on eid and weddings