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an advertisement for the hp printer service center, featuring two different printers and one is black
Honeywell PXie Series Industrial Printers.
Honeywell PXie Series - PX4ie/PX6ie High Performance Industrial Printer Strong, all-metal construction and high throughput for printing in harsh industrial environments 24 hours a day, seven days a week The PX4i prints at a maximum resolution of 406 dpi without sacrificing speed, making it suitable for high-volume and compliance printing. The modular architecture makes it easier to integrate into automated labelling applications. Smart Printing enables stand-alone printer applications.
an advertisement for the sta sdort and android pdt system with information about it
STA SD60RT UHF RFID Reader is an Android Rugged Mobile Computer, Prepare to step up your mobile scanning performance to the next level. Perfect for all your retail and logistics scan-and-tag activities. The SD60RT, equipped with a UHF pistol handle and a loading cradle, enables you to scan more, more and more accurately.With its large six inch touchscreen, the data collection can be viewed easily. It comes with an 8000mAh battery, barcode scanning, and high-level UHF RFID capability. An R2000
a brochure for a printer shop with instructions on how to use the machine
Honeywell PD43 Industrial Printer
PD43 Industrial Printer- PD series printers can also run apps and tools directly, removing the need for a linked PC –: a new level of convenience with a colour graphic display that makes it simpler to set up, customise, and fine-tune settings –: PD series printers were engineered to offer no-compromise printing in the smallest possible footprint, making them suitable for tight spaces, shallow countertops, and pull-out cabinets. Built for distribution centres, warehouses, and airline passenger
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Honeywell Genesis 7580g
Honeywell’s Genesis 7580g Hands-Free Scanner. The Genesis™: 7580g is the first scanner designed to decode any standard barcodes from 1D, PDF and 2D.Excels at scanning coupons and mobile tickets directly from the screen of a mobile device. CodeGate™:, the patented technology of Honeywell: supports your menu scanning and other targeted scanning applications together with an activation button. The Genesis 7580g redefines industry standards for imagery solutions.
an advertisement for a cell phone that is being advertised in the us and canada, with information about it
Datalogic's Joya Touch Android Based Mobile Computer.
Datalogic's Joya Touch A6 is an Android-based mobile computer The Joya Touch A6 is a multifunctional device suitable for various retail and Health Care applications, In retails application including self-shopping, price management, markdown, shelf replenishment, inventory, access control and health care system including nursing, hospitalization, pharmacy. The Joya Touch A6 device is charged using the industry’s first wireless charging technology (Qi compliant)
the back cover of an advertisement for staboloc dx8200 top class industrial laser scanner
Datalogic DX8210 Omni Directional Laser Scanner
Datalogic - DX8210 Omni Directional Laser Scanner The new high-performance DX8210 Datalogic Barcode Laser Reader is designed to deliver the best reading performance, combined with simple use for Transportation and Logistics end user and system integrators. DX8210 provides an ALL-IN-ONE solution for omnidirectional reading stations. This single device is capable of reading codes for any orientation of the conveyor. The DX8210 with high scan rate of 1000 scans/sec.
the sunm v2 pro handheld pos is available for purchase in stores and online
Sunmi V2 Pro - Handheld POS
SUNMI V2 PRO Handheld POS -The unlimited discovery and high-tech feeling of floating, On your fingertips and palms. With a powerful print engine V2 PRO can improve your business. V2 PRO can print easily and smoothly with a Seiko printhead and switch between receipt and label printing modes, turning the heavy printing job into a breeze at peak hours. V2 PRO-A generalist in handheld ordering, mobile checkout, online order receiving, and label printing. Use the NFC module to activate your loyalty
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Datalogic Quick Scan QD2131 Imager
Datalogic QuickScan QD2131 Imager -PERFECT FOR RETAIL AND DOCUMENT PROCESSING APPLICATIONS The QuickScan imager QD2131 is the next version of the QuickScan 2100 and has an incredibly wide scan field and a very long scan line that enables users to read longer bar codes from a closer distance. In addition, an extended read range exceeds the needs of most general scanning applications is given in the QD2131 image. The highly visible scan line makes the imager more user-friendly.
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Honeywell PC42T Plus Printer.
The PC42t Plus Printer is the best solution for lightweight applications in a wide variety of industries for quiet, effective use and intuitive design, with ease of operation and fast printing. PC42t Plus can easily be used in almost any application environment with rich interfaces, a small size and standard media requirements. With its affordable price and modern features, the PC42t printer represents a smart solution for the small or medium business looking to improve productivity in label
an advertisement for the smart - q virtual queue system
Smooth-Q Virtual Queue System
"Smooth-Q"- Virtual Queue system with E-Ticket facility by STALLION GROUP. In grocery stores, malls, and other stores worldwide, the global pandemic will continue to occur. By using social distances in shops or out-of-shops, the chance of contamination must be reduced. Track your customer's queuing experience with the virtual Queue system Smooth-Q Our Smooth-Q system lets you control your queues by providing a virtual queuing service to customers to plan shopping time.
an ad for printing products on the wall
Manufacturer Product and Selfadhesive Labels
Customized product labels do so much more than look professional: they are a powerful way for people to determine if they are right for you and your products. Professional Manufacturer of labelling products .Make your products and packaging more enticing with customised labels, stickers, and more. We provide the ideal solutions and superior quality Adhesive labels, Blank Labels, Self Adhesive labels, Speciality labels and Products Labels at Stallion. #Manufacturer #Labels #Productlabels
an orange cell phone is shown with instructions on how to use it and the text, stallion handy mobile 2020 terminal
Stallion Handy POS Terminal
STALLION.HANDY- Thin, Trendy & Handy - Mobile Terminal An all-rounder who can work in a variety of environments to help you to achieve each moment. A multifunctional hands-free scanning interface. #restaurantindustry #foodandbeverage #foodindustry #foodmanufacturing #foodprocessing #restaurantowners #foodservice #hospitality #stalliongroup #panindia #middleast #stallion.handy #mobileterminal #india #uae #qatar #oman #restaurants #cafetaria #saloon #juiceparlour #vansales #homedelivery
an advertisement for the sunmi p2 smart phone, with instructions on how to use it
Sunmi P2 Smart POS
Sunmi P2 One device, All payments. - P2 supports omni payment channels including magnetic strip card, IC card, NFC and QR code.Extensive use realized by high-end fingerprint identification technology High print speed,high-efficient transactions.The print speed is increased by 33.3% compared with the last generation product, which cut the waiting time drastically.P2's HD 5.5” all-screen, 17.6mm thickness of its thinnest body (35.7% reduced compared with the last generation), and slip-resi
an advertisement for the gryphon gps4000 3d scanners, which are available in multiple colors and sizes
DATALOGIC GRYPHON GPS4400 2D IMAGER The Omni directional Gryphon™ IGPS4400 Presentation Scanner has a compact stylish body which makes it the ideal solution for space constrained environments and provides easy-to-use, hands-free scanning of small objects, and manual scanning processing for bulkier goods. The GPS4400 Gryphon is able to read codes from phones, PDAs and computer screens. The scanner also provides high motion tolerance, snappy read, and great performance on decoding poor barcodes
an advertisement for the stallion my asset management solution, which is available in multiple languages
Never left your assets alone, Monitor Them, Count Them,& Record Them. #AMS4ALL, Launching A New Edition of Asset Management Solution #STALLIONMY.ASSET enabling Monthly Subscription Rs.5000($70.00)onwards.. A Never Before Price Offer!! In addition, STALLION My.ASSET offers complete and detailed,AMS management services in a hybrid environment in order not only to provide proven help in companies to monitor your assets, but also to provide you with a proven record of every stage of your Cloud