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a watercolor painting of a dragonfly with words written on it
Warrior suicide prevention awareness semicolon by linhkaphung | Redbubble
Suicide prevention awareness ribbon dragonfly continue birthday gift for awareness warrior
a woman's wrist tattoo with the word strength on it and a pink bow
37 Unique Semicolon Tattoo Ideas and Placement
Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo
a tattoo on the back of a woman's chest that has an arabic script
I never thought I would get a tattoo. After today, I am fairly certain I will be getting a semicolon tattoo at some point in the future. #suicideprevention
a small tattoo on the side of a woman's leg, with an abstract design
Butterfly Tattoo Meanings: Not Just A Beautiful Tattoo
a woman's arm with a tattoo on it that has an eyeball in the middle
44 Beautiful Semicolon Tattoo Designs And Their Meanings