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Lubricants and Grease_Steelsparrow

Steelsparrow India is an online one stop shop for purchase of various Lubricants and Grease used for domestic and industrial purposes. We deal in all types of Lubricants and Grease with wide varieties of applications
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Looking for buyers, Conformal Coating Sprays Online Make - Kaiser; Color – Clear colorless; Dry Film Thickness - 10 to 15 micron Dielectric Strength - 5 KV/mm > packing 500 ml For more details contact us: Ph: 08025500260 Plz visit:


Are you searching to buy Molysol-Bonded Dry Film Anti-Scuffing /Lube Spray Online? We assure you that Steelsparrow is the best choice for you. You will get high quality products with us. Make – Kaiser; Appearance - Thin dark grey film Temperature range - 15°C Up to 450°C For more details contact us: Plz Visit:


Looking for buyers, Moly Anti seize paste Make – Kaiser > Appearance - Grayish Black check for more details :

Buy online Flushing Oil it is used to clean and Flush out Contaminants in various Closed Lubrication Systems @steelsparrow with reasonable price. Make – Kaiser Fluids > oil 20 Liters Packing Email id: Plz check

High Speed Bearing Oil for sale Online India Make – Kaiser Fluids > Lube Appearance – Pale Straw > Lube Density - 0.84 – 0.86 > Oil Operating Temperature: -35° C to + 150° C > Lubricant Packing – 1 liter For more details contact us: Plz visit:…

20 Litre Pack Kaiser Multifunctional Fluid Oil for bets price now in online @ Make – Kaiser Fluids Oil Appearance - Clear Pale Amber Liquid Lube Density – 0.82 > Plz check: Email Ph: 08025500260

KF-TRAC 100 is excellent lubricant for variable speed, gearless drive systems. Traction Lubricant Oil, Make – Kaiser > oil Appearance – Pale straw If you want buy feel free to contact check@

Synthetic High Temperature Chain Lubricant penetrates for maximum protection of sprockets, links, and pins and bushings. Make – Kaiser Fluids > Lubricant Density - 0.82 – 0.96 > Lube Temperature Range: -35 to + 245°C > Chain oil Packing – 20 Litre Check for best price@


SALE SALE SALE SALE Synthetic gear oil (Kaiser KF-150) Lubricant Appearance – Pale > Lube Viscosity Index – 130 > oil Packing – 20 liters If you want buy check @ Enquiry:


We are one of the best online suppliers of Adhesive Chain Lubricants in India. Make – Kaiser > Specific Gravity - 0.88 to 0.92 > Temperature Range: -10 to +205° C Plz visit for best price: