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a piece of paper with an image of flowers and butterflies on it that says, philippines
Philippians 4:6- Bible Verse college background Christian wallpaper
a piece of fruit hanging from a tree with the words i am the vine you are the branches if you abide in me, and in you will bear much fruit
Peace Quotes, Bible Quotes, Inspirational Bible Verses, Bible Quotes Prayer
Bible Verse Wallpaper
the words to make your child feel safe
two children standing next to each other with the text how to nurture sibling bonds for lifelong friends
How to Nurture Sibling Bonds for Lifelong Friendships
the text reads, god gets in the dirt that i can think of to create adam & to burn mosses & to defend a woman caught in
a drawing of a jar with a quote on it that says, kind of words are like honey to sweet do the sound and feelings to the bones
a tweet with the caption being christian means being tolerant & forging however, jesus had boundariess when nazaeth tried to kill him
six different types of bread with the words ordinary things below them