Turn a traditional hallway into an elegant and airy space that's full of light by painting the walls and staircase white

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A selection of pictures showing wall panelling designs available for your home. Wall Panels in all shapes sizes and colours.

Melville Aubin-designed Sunpark 1930s art deco property in Brigham, Devon. My absolute dream house- I want to move in now

Melville Aubin-designed Sunpark art deco property in Brigham, Devon. My absolute dream house- I want to move in now

Mauretania, a 1930s classic art deco building designed by Milton J. Black. That ten-unit building, which received the 2009 Hancock Park Historical Society's award for Most Significant Restoration, was erected in 1934 by actor Jack Haley, who played the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz. It was named for a White Star ocean liner that broke the transatlantic-crossing record in 1919.

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Carreras Cigarette Factory, CamdenThis astonishing former factory was designed just four years after the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun - a find which made Egyptian style extremely popular among the art deco architects of the 1920s. It's no surprise, then, that Egyptian motifs appear all over the building - right down to the two black cats guarding the entrance.

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Floor, wall, hearth and other tile samples from the 1930s. Very busy and striking.

Publication - Encaustic and tesselated tiles, plain and ornamental wall tiles . art decorated tiles to order 1900

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Burnham Beeches, Melbourne- I have noticed Australia has lots of cool art deco decor.