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Tired of crusty, dried wax on the tips of your brushes? Try these simple DIY brush holder solutions to keep your brushes suspended in water so they don’t d

Noorunnahar on tumblr- art journal inspiration

If our emotions had colors, would yours & mine match? // art journal entry from Noor Unnahar

Blog — Kelly Muschiana Illustration & Design

I started working on a freelance project this morning and I had this idea. maybe I should document my process! Since I am a fashion illustration professor, I think it's fitting. Say hello to the 'croquis', French for sketch. This is the general term


This looks like a good way to journal when trying to make a particular decision. For example: when trying to decide on living room decor you could list what you want/don't want and some inspiration pi (Favorite List Journal)

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they r tears, but they water the dryness and drought that has been growing inside of me thx to the unrelenting and cruel world that screams @ me about my flaws and imperfections 'I'm not crying, I'm just thawing outside the lines'

This very charming black and white plate shows the style of windows from the Saxon Period, Norman, Early English, Tudor and Renaissance periods. There

1906 Types of Windows Middle Ages Tudor Renaissance

Types of medieval window design what if I can do the same for page with SF Victorians? No need o sketch all buildings, just interesting architectural parts! - for decorative reference

Fashion Sketchbook - fashion sketches & textile print development; fashion collage; fashion portfolio // Julia Feeney

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Julia Feeney is a print designer and illustrator who creates innovative prints mixing collage and screen print

envelopes templates

Who doesn't like a pretty matching envelope? These Free Envelope Templates some String-tie & standard designs. I love the string-tie!

I love this idea for using those SMASH book journaling pages :).

I love this idea for using those SMASH book journaling pages :). Ideas for smash books.