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Take the little lovely monkey home! This beautifully designed hanging decor features a monkey holding a big peach, make it adorable. The Chinese knot with tassels added show the sincere blessings for the coming year! #new year #monkey #decor #monkey #chinesenewyear

One of the TOP TEN decoration ideas for your home for the Chinese new year! This red pepper with dustpan hanging decor represents luck and success. The Chinese knot wish you that everything is smooth in the coming year! Come and check it. #chinesenewyear #hangingdecor #newyeardecor #red

With the image of the cute Fuwa (Good-luck doll), this cushion cover has a larg‘Fu’(Happiness) sign on the back. Adding a feeling of jubilation and warmness to your home. #chinesenewyear #cushioncover #cushions

2016 is the year of monkey,so this monkey hanging decor is a GREAT suit for the new year ! The monkey facial makeup origins from ‘Shehuo’, a traditional folk art in China. Hanging on the wall, it wishes you luck, harmony, warmness. #chinesenew year #monkey #chinesenewyeardecor #yearofthemonkey