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The Grand Grimoire, The Red Dragon, Gospel of Satan. Was found in Jerusalem in 1750 in the tomb of Solomon. Written around 1200 A.D. this book is said to contain writings on how to summon Satan, and other demons such as Pazuzu. Also its said to contain the locations of different biblical artifacts, and that the book can not be damaged, cant be burnt, cut, torn or destroyed. Now where can you find this mysterious powerful book? Its found in the Secret Vatican Archives.

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Ancient Aliens - The Da Vinci Conspiracy ▶ Might an examination of Leonardo Da Vinci's masterful paintings, highly technical hand-drawn sketches, and private journals reveal knowledge of otherworldly technology and extraterrestrial beings #aliens #ufo #et #artworks #art #history #ovni

ANTHONY DIPASTENA Anti Gravity Technology Tour! This tour focuses on re-examining the ancient past to find evidence of anti gravity technology in the distant past. I don't know if you believe in extra-terrestrial intelligence and that there is intelligent life on other planets, if you don't, you just might after this tour. Have you ever wondered how the pyramids in Egypt were built. Many hypothesis have been put forth as to how they built these massive monuments. None however have…

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COVERT SCIENCE-EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG- NASA Data and Photo Control Department manager, Ken Johnston, who worked for the space agency's Lunar Receiving Lab during the Apollo missions, has been fired for asserting that NASA astronauts discovered ancient alien cities and the remains of amazingly advanced machinery on the Moon. "Some of this technology can manipulate gravity." Johnston says the agency ordered a cover-up and forced him to participate. “Hoax or Smoking Gun? 1880-2008."

This seamless hollow sphere is one of the many advanced technological skills achieved by ancient Bharatiya Engineers. No workshop today, anywhere in the world, knows how to do this and indeed the casting of seamless metal spheres is regarded as technically impossible. Before they were rediscovered in the 1980s, it was believed by modern metallurgists to be technically impossible to produce metal globes without any seams, even with modern technology.

Klaus Dona – Forbidden History

STAR GATES: Colombia-A thousands years old artifacts.Small stone like granite have the egg with spermia inside, and the egg without spermia inside, from human, how they have been able to see those things or to show those things. Exactly like a photo made by Swedish photographer, 25 years ago inside a lady with a microscope camera. We r not able to make This artifacts from the same material in our days.