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There's more bacteria in your mouth than there are people in the world PiR…


This Is NOT A Photograph

Artist Joshua Suda draws impressively wonderful photorealistic paintings that depict photographs, limbs extending from the canvas, and other flourishes to heighten the hyperrealism. He gives very unusual surroundings …


Messing up – life with D.I.D

Broken Mirror Portrait... ***This link is broken. But it looks like they printed out a photo in varied colors, then cut those up and glued pieces together, on a black background. Like the fragmented mirror effect, the realism, and the colours.

Christopher Raeburn on camouflage

Featuring maps illustrations by artist Ed Fairburn. "I paint, draw and construct using a flexible range of tangible media across a wide range of surfaces and contexts, allowing my practice to exist across various disciplines."

Dimosthenis Prodromou - Exploring the Human Form in Collage

Dimosthenis Prodromou; Paper, Assemblage / Collage "Niki" (Saatchi Online Artist) I like this portrait because it has overlaying of colours in which the colours of the paper which seem to be very brightly coloured - the colours are lominous