7 People With Rarest Of Human Oddities

Human history has witnessed people with bizarre and rare medical conditions. Here are 7 people who have had most bizarre human oddities and rare disorders.

Area 51 Alien Cathouse: A Brothel That Specializes In Extraterrestrial Fantasies

The unique alien themed brothel - Area 51 Alien Cathouse is a popular sex vacation destination that offers customers with alien fantasies.

Worshipping “Virgin Tree” Makes You Lose Virginity – A Bizarre Valentine Ritual

Virgin tree, V-tree, Hindu College, iStupefy

Top 5 Horrifying Cities You Would Never Want To Visit

Miranda Castle or Chateau Miranda) is an abandoned castle in Belgium. It was built in 1866 and was abandoned in Miranda Castle or Chateau Miranda) is an abandoned castle in Belgium.

9 Strange Secrets About The Freemason Mysterious Society

Freemasonry is so-called secret society performing secretive ceremonies. Let's know 9 bizarre Freemason secrets here.

The Untold Story of the Los Feliz Murder Mansion

After 55 years of neglect, the infamous Los Feliz Murder House came up for sale last month with listing photos showing it all tidied up. But photographer Alexis Vaughn visited in January to capture decades of belongings and wear.

Bucket Of Blood Street - A Story Of A Frightening Name

Arizona has some bizarre street names, Bucket of Blood Street has a horrifying story hidden behind this name. The ragtag cowboys, locals and other share gunfights

Resolved Mystery Of Salamanca Astronaut From The Cathedral Of 16th Century

Part of the new restoration -- The Salamanca Astronaut sits on the façade on the entrance to the New Cathedral, Salamanca, Spain.

Korowai Tribes and Their Incredible Tree Houses

Very little is known about the Korowai tribes, but they are quite famous for their tree houses. The tree houses ranges from meters tall and meters

Devil’s Tramping Ground In North Carolina - A Home Of Devils

Legends of the Devil's Tramping Ground are famous in the different local communities. The place is said to be the home to the devils that destroy the objects

Marfa Lights | An Unexplainable Ghost Light In Texas

The Mysterious Marfa Lights phenomenon in the town of Marfa, which remains unexplained to the date

Gates of Hell, New Jersey | Legends, Secrets & Facts

Inside the gateway of tunnel, New Jersey there can be an extremely dangerous place that you would not forget in your life. The supernatural stories of the tunnel.