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Soap Power Bank. With iPhone 5, iPhone 4 and a Micro USB connector this stylish emergency power bank provides back up power on the go for many different devices. The LED lights show how full the battery is whilst charging the power bank and how much power is left when using the power bank to charge your device. Choose between 0.5A and 1.0A output giving you the choice of charging speeds for different devices.


iPhone 5 Credit Card Power Bank. This compact credit card size, ultra slim power bank will easily fit into a wallet and provides power on the go for an iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C or iPhone 5. It will provide up to 3 hours standby time depending on the model and usage of the device. It can also be used to transfer data between the phone and PC, while the LED torch is a great safety feature.


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This Glaze Tempered Shield offers the ultimate protection and will keep the phone's screen safe from cracking or scratches. It has been designed to protect the phone from expensive repairs. The Japanese glass with a hardness rating of 9H is impact resistant - rigorous testing includes dropping a 30mm, 130g metal ball onto the phone with the Tempered Shield in place from a height of 50cm. Other quality checks include a scratch resistant test using a scalpel and an electric drill.

Universal 3.5mm Red Zip Stereo Earphones. These fashionably designed stereo earphones feature an ingenious zip design, the perfect solution for tangle free cables. Perfect for most MP3 players, smartphones, tablets or audio devices with a 3.5mm audio connection. The 3.5mm gold plated jack will give a great sound quality. With a built-in microphone and an answer / end call button for easy hands free conversation.