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an old building with flowers growing on the windows and balconies above it, along side a cobblestone street
25 Best Things to Do in Veliko Tarnovo - Ipanema travels
What to do in Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria). Your Complete Guide by a Local https://ipanematravels.com/what-to-do-in-veliko-tarnovo-bulgaria/
an old wooden building with many windows and balconies
a car is parked in front of a stone building with wooden balconies on the roof
The Cost of Building Works in Bulgaria
an old style house with lots of windows on the outside and brick walkway leading up to it
12 Amazing Day Trips from Veliko Tarnovo - Ipanema travels
an old village with stone and wood buildings
typical houses in village Shiroka luka, Rodopi mountain
an old building with wooden balconies and windows
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
an old cobblestone street lined with houses