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a small stuffed animal is laying on the floor
Kitschy Pastel Clowns, Dolls, Vintage Inspired, Handmade, Gift, Funny, Kawaii, Circus - Etsy
Kitschy Pastel Clowns Dolls Vintage Inspired Handmade - Etsy
a teddy bear with sun and moon decorations on it's face sitting on a black blanket
there are many small toy clowns that are on the table and one is wearing a hat
a small toy cat sitting next to french fries
a small figurine that looks like a dog with stars on it's head
a purple teddy bear with a clown hat on it's head sitting against a pink background
💜LILY💜 Lily is a lil clown kid and is up for adoption now! 💜 I'm planning a clown kid drop with a date that's TBD but I will announce once I get closer to getting a good amount finished. What colors would ya'll like to see? I'm also planning a KOFI clown of the month club if there's enough interest in these babies! #clownplush #clowncore #plushies #plushmaker #plushartist #plushdesigner #plushie #plushcommunity
a plastic clown head sitting on top of a shelf
Ceramic clown lava lamp
an old fashioned doll is dressed in white and gold
“Wishing Hare”, Alice Mary Lynch
a pink and blue stuffed animal with spikes on it's head is hanging from a silver chain
Ali the Loaf Keyring Monster
Flail inspired, handmade, one-of-a-kind keyring made from scrap Ali the Loaf fabric scraps stuffed with salvaged stuffing finished with acrylic spikes, and a silver keyring and clasp.
a stuffed animal hanging on the wall
many hello kitty stuffed animals are stacked together
Kitty Clown, Hamleys Toy Shop, London
a stuffed animal that is wearing a clown costume