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Jewellery- NECKLACE

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Rhinestone-Set Necklace and Earrings, Tie Shape Necklace, Sexy Heart Choker Set, Sexy Fringe Necklace Set With Earrings and many more Imitation- necklace and earring sets for Indian women, on India 's leading online store StringsAndMe. Buy Now.

Rhinestone Four Row Choker Necklace with Earring- The dangling earrings with hearts.| Necklace | Jewelery | StringsAndMe

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Rhinestone Heart Necklace With Heart Earring- little hearts that are joined together to form the necklace.| Necklace | Jewelery | StringsAndMe

Rhinestone-Necklace and Adequate Earrings- appear as if the jewellery is flowing from your neck like a waterfall| Necklace | Jewelery | StringsAndMe