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~ Shane Dawson, without this man I probably wouldn't be alive. He is like a big brother to me. Thank you Shane Dawson.

I remember watching this video and just crying my eyes out because I had no one when I was younger. I still have no one but I'm a lot stronger than I used to be thanks to Shane, he was my original hero.


The rescue by ~YuriOokino on deviantART this was supposed to be funny. I realize this. But, even though its just a drawing and probably not cannon, the fact that Sherlock refuses to think that John is the one injured warms my heart.


Doctor who - same man. always (The last one, he looked directly at the camera! So sad.) Same software, Different case. Same man, Different face.


Steven Moffat said that there was a clue everyone missed. The guy that has been zoomed in on is pulling out what looks like a packet of blood! <--- GUYS GUYS GUYS WE'VE FOUND IT<< Oh my GOSH


Never been in a relationship - yes Oh well ❤️ Never been kissed - yep I do care what I look like I am lazy and awkward and have a weird sense of humour I care to much I overthink and have no social life Music is my life and my life would be a good to show

So weird

Also, she is Peter Davison's daughter, therefor yet again the doctor's daughter. The doctor, David Tennant's childhood doctor. She then gave birth to THE DOCTOR'S DAUGHTER!

Two hearts breaking… both of them his.

Two hearts breaking… both of them his. --- add another one for me. But at the same time, Donna and Rose had their hearts broken. Donna lost her better self, and Rose lost the 'real' Doctor.