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an image of flowers and their meanings
Alma🌿🍎 on X
Alma🌿🍎 on Twitter: "Chibi foliage guide: Hyacinth https://t.co/d1eMAPt8RL" / Twitter
an image of some flowers in chinese writing on white paper with english and japanese characters
the steps in how to draw a flower
たまにい瑠夏もしれない on Twitter
an image of some flowers drawn in chinese
たまにい瑠夏もしれない on Twitter
the instructions for how to draw flowers in chinese
DaveZK (@daveoverlord) / X
DaveStarDog (@daveoverlord) | Twitter
the rose pattern is shown in pink, grey and white colors with flowers around it
an info sheet with different types of flowers
Alma🌿🍎 (@AlmaKRowan) on X
How to Draw Plants with Markers
Difficulty: Easy Art supplies • Full art supplies are on my YouTube @AimianArt Link in profile • Alcohol based markers • Pigma Micron pen
PINK ! 🌲
How to Draw Cherry Blossoms Easy
Difficulty: Easy Art supplies • Alcohol based markers, copic • Micron pen • Full art supplies and tutorials are listed in my YouTube description @AimianArt. Link in my profile.
How to Draw a Wisteria Tree
Difficulty: Easy Art supplies • Alcohol based markers • Mix media paper • Micron pen • Full tutorial and art supplies are listed on my YouTube @AimianArt
So Satisfying
Would you try?✍️ Rate 1-10! Art credit: lingdang666. (döuyin) Tag an Art Lover!👇 . #art #artist #love #drawing #photography #artwork #instagood #photooftheday #instagram #painting #fashion #like #artistsoninstagram #beautiful #illustration #digitalart #follow #design #nature #picoftheday #photo