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three different positions of a man laying in bed
a drawing of two people kissing and one is holding his head to the other's face
How to love a werewolf - Chapter1: Who are you?
a pencil drawing of a couple kissing each other on the cheek and looking at each other
the afterlife: Photo
Saffy moved toward me and I stepped back, pushing myself against the wall. "Bracey, now that Bronx is gone.." She began, staring into my eyes. I blinked down at her. "What?" I asked dumbly. She stood on her toes, so her lips were about level with mine. "I've always, liked you." She sighed. I pushed her away. "Saf, it's not real. You just miss him. That's all." I whispered, hoping it was true. -Rory Lee
a drawing of two people sitting on a couch with their arms around each other, hugging
the afterlife
My old boyfriend and I used to lay like this..kinda sad.
a drawing of two people hugging each other
The Beginning - The Beginning
Read "The Beginning" short story starring Luke Vetti and Ellie on Wattpad