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Jennifer Hunter

Lockerbie, Scotland
Jennifer Hunter
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For my (eventual) Border Collie to learn how to herd my (eventual) sheep.

How to Teach Your Dog to Herd. Some breeds of dogs have herding instincts that can be brought out with the right training and encouragement. Try some basic training exercises at home to teach your dog basic obedience and assess see if it.

Rooing Shetland Sheep - the Shetland will 'shed' or Roo its fleece - when it is ready to come off, the shepards roll the sheep out of their fleece. This is so weird to watch, but also cool.

Tori is rooing a Shetland ewe. Rooing is a process by which you pull a fleece off of a purebred Shetland sheep. Rooing is done in late winter to late spring.

Shetland sheep colors <3 - This is the first sheep I met that I ever wanted to have for my own. Maybe someday.

Shetland Sheep hail from the Shetland Islands off the North coast of Scotland. They are considered a “primitive” breed as their ancestry can be traced back in the British Isles for cent…