Werewolf tattoo

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an abstract painting with red and black colors on it's walls, including chinese characters
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three different types of typogramic type on black paper with red and white lettering
Anyone that can describe this style? I wonder if there is a specific name for this mechanical/cyber/future-ish style.
an image of a monster face with teeth
fondos-de-pantalla-monster-inc-celular-35 |
an image of some type of wallpaper that is green and black
Ошибка 429
a bunch of stickers that are all over the place in front of a wall
Spigen Ultra Hybrid [Military Grade Shockproof] phone case compatible with iPhone 11 cover - Crystal Clear
a black and yellow poster with an evil face on it's chest, painted in neon green paint
159792_adapted_1080x1920 - The Wallpaper
an evil face with red eyes and fangs on it's teeth is shown in the dark
Dead Monster iPhone Wallpaper
two black and red wings painted on the side of a building
Real Life Half & Half by PMStore2020 | Redbubble
a red and black painting with white letters on it
Smile Art iPhone Wallpaper