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Here's on how to add a Material Design Tab strip for our apps with on scroll animations, using the new Android Design Support Library.


Material Design Tabs with Android Design Support Library

eing a Material Design lover, I get put off by that default flat Toolbar with no shadow or elevation. It’s alright on Lollipop devices as it gives us a nice shadow by default, but pre Lollipop doesn’t. While that’s too bad, we can take care of that real quick! After you’re done with this post, your Toolbars on pre Lollipop will never be plain and boring again!


Add a Toolbar Elevation on pre Lollipop - GrafixArtist Blog

While sending a photo through WhatsApp, I noticed the ‘Attach’ button performs a neat Circular Reveal effect. My phone being JellyBean, I was surprised to see a Lollipop only transition. Thanks to a neat library, we can mimic the exact same thing for pre Lollipop too.


Circular Reveal Effect like WhatsApp in Android

Learn to create a popular Material Design pattern called ‘Flexible Space with Image‘. This is a popular scroll technique, made easier with the Android Design Support Library.

Toolbar Animation with Design Support Lib - GrafixArtist Blog

Learn how to add a google plus +1 button to your apps, so users can directly +1 directly from within your app!

+1 Button with Google Play Services 7.3.0 - Grafix Artist

Android M Developer Preview - What's New

Let's create a Material Design Navigation Drawer almost effortlessly, handle Drawer click events and orientation changes too, using Android's Design Support Library.

Navigation Drawer with Design Support Library in Android

Learn to create a branded launch screen (splash screen) for your Android apps. Use it to perform background operations via an AsyncTask.

Make an Android Launch Screen (Splash Screen)

Hands on review with the Moto G 3rd Gen after more than a week of use.

My Experience with the Moto G 3rd Gen

If you’re a Pinterest user, you would have noticed their rather creative grid layout. That is a Masonry Layout. It works by placing elements in optimal position based on available vertical space, sort of like a mason fitting stones in a wall.

Pinterest Masonry Layout (Staggered Grid) with RecyclerView