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three small wooden christmas trees with green and red bows on them sitting next to each other
a miniature christmas tree in a small wooden frame with a red and white striped ribbon
a christmas tree made out of blocks on top of a table
dollar store jenga piece ornaments with text overlay
DIY Jenga Christmas Ornaments - Dollar Tree Tumbling Tower Craft
a christmas tree decorated with red and silver ornaments, train ornament and other holiday decorations
Dollar Tree🌲Jenga Block Christmas 🚂 Train
two christmas decorations made out of wood and fabric
Christmas Crafts, Smiles, Dollar Tree Hacks, Repurposing And More :)
a wooden chair with a bow on it in front of a fire place and fireplace
Jenga Block Reindeer Stand
small black boxes with red berries and green leaves are arranged on a wooden table top
Snowman Hat
three wooden pieces with different shapes and sizes on each one stand in front of a gray background
a white snowflake sitting on top of a wooden table
Coat Hanger Christmas Snowflake
Coat Hanger Snowflake —
three wine cork christmas decorations on a red tablecloth next to a brick wall and stone fireplace
45+ Mini Wine Cork DIY Ideas to Christmas Ornaments
40+ Mini Wine Cork Christmas Decoration inspirations; include ChristmasTree; Christmas Wreath; Tabletop Decoration; Perfect for Rustic Cottage; Cabin or Lodge Decor
three wine cork christmas trees sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
11 Christmas Wine Cork Crafts You Need to DIY ASAP
These 11 Christmas Wine Cork Crafts Are DIYs You Don't Wanna Miss! From decor to gift labels, who knew cork screws were so useful?