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three wooden crates filled with different types of fruits and vegetables on top of each other
Fruit and vegetable storage ideas
storage of fruits and vegetables 2
a row of multi - colored houses on a sunny day
Regent Park Apartments
The architects have broken down the scale, in context with the surrounding neighbourhood, and created privacy with eucalyptus fencing and planting.
an artist's rendering of a modern house with two garages and balconyes
Fachada Contemporánea #1 #Arquitecturacontemporane #Arquitecturamoderna #Remodelación
three modern houses with balconies on the top and bottom floors, in front of some trees
Regent Park Apartments
Designgroup Stapleton Elliott’s highly considered scheme in Wellington’s Newtown sets a benchmark for social housing in New Zealand.
an open cabinet in the middle of a bathroom
20 Office Organizing Ideas That Will Make Your Space More Functional
An organized bathroom vanity is the key to a less stressful morning routine! Check out our storage and organization ideas.