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Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati giving away their daughter lakshmi to narayana

1934's Vintage Old South Indian Hindu Goddess Meenakshi Ammal  Print RS EHS

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Hare Krishna! Everything attractive comes from Krishna, but everything attractive doesn’t take us to Krishna

By Chaitanya Charan dasThe Bhagavad-gita repeatedly urges us to not become attracted by sense objects. Yet the same Gita asserts that the attractiveness of everything attractive comes from …

ravi varma painting

Art of the Earth, show of oleographs of the works of the artist, painter, Raja Ravi Varma

Rama offering his eye to Durga. unknown artist, India Before 1859 © Trustees of the British Museum. Photo: John Williams. The Lotus Legend from Ramayana. Rama, invokes goddess Durga for her blessing for his battle with the demon Ravana. But it’s the wrong season to invoke Durga. She tests him by secretly removing one of the 108 lotuses, which her puja requires. Rama prepares to substitute the lotus with one of his own eyes. Overcome by his commitment, the goddess stops him and assures…

Rama and Durga circa 1895 ( British Museum ) For more about the Akaal Bodhan, see Wikipedia .