Mushroom Stroganoff

Anne's Mushroom Stroganoff

Anne's Mushroom Stroganoff This recipe was created by Anne Clark, from Brentwood, for the Vegetarian Society's 'Surprisingly simple' member recipe competition, part of National Vegetarian Week

goan fish curry

Visiting Goa and not tasting its Goan Fish Curry is something similar to imagining a world without flowers, palm trees and the high seas.

monkfish curry

Alfred Prasad's Monkfish Curry

This monkfish curry recipe is a great fish curry to make for a mid-week dinner. This monkfish curry recipe comes from Alfred Prasad - the legendary chef at Tamarind

devilled turkey

Serve these spicy stir-fried turkey strips as a healthy lunch or supper. Good with stir-fried spinach and rice or noodles.

cabbage rolls

These vegetarian cabbage rolls are lighter than the traditional version. Good with crusty bread, sautéed potatoes, or brown rice.

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Easter Cake Pops ideas: Bumble Bee & Flowerpot Cake Pops - Tutorial - by niner bakes it's so simple but really really cute omg i don't know why it's so cute JUST LOOK AT IT :DDD

Citrus Sushi Bowl

A nourishing and wholesome recipe of fresh and clean ingredients that are put together to celebrate the glorious Japanese flavours of sushi.

Churros with Cinnamon Sugar

Churros, sweet fried choux pastry fritters, liberally dusted with cane sugar, are a Spanish institution typically served at breakfast with hot chocolate for dipping. With or without hot chocolate they

500g Halloumi  2 Mangos, peeled & sliced  1 bag Lambs Lettuce (or similar)  Handful roasted pine nuts  Olive oil  White wine vinegar  Sprig of chopped mint  Slice halloumi & place in an oven proof dish.  Place the dish under a hot grill until the cheese begins to bubble & slightly browns. Turn over & lightly grill other side.  Prepare the mango on the plates dressed w salad  Mix 3 tbsp olive oil, 2 tbsp white wine vinegar, salt & pepper  Sprinkle with the pine nuts, chopped mint & dressing

Mango and Halloumi Salad with Lambs Lettuce (use rocket instead)


Not Exactly Aunt Lil's Matzo Ball Soup

These savoury Spanish pastries make very versatile nibbles. I used to love these!

Garlic Chicken - 3Tbsp Pataks paste = 6 syns so 1.5 each serving

Garlic Chicken - Pataks paste = 6 syns so each serving