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an artistic display in the middle of a room that is being remodeled with white paint and gold foil
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a wooden shelf with drawers in a room
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a mirror with a bear statue on top of it in front of a wooden shelf
Creative Furniture Wall Hung Tanri Design Home /Living Open Temple/Mandir crafted intricately with minute details in Wooden Finish Veneer - (L 900 x D 450 x H 1200)
The Tanri Design by Creative Furniture. This Wall Hung Temples is one of the popular Gods Home within the Creative Furniture catalog.A well-thought-out Temple will give your living room true meaning and exuberance. The Temple has been designed and developed specifically to make the difference and, as a result, add value to your life and a Rich Look To Your Home. It evokes a warm sense of peace and spirituality.The Temple Can Be Used For Festivals, Gifting, Inaugurations, Birthdays, and Anniversa
a white shelf with a statue on top of it next to a potted plant
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an open wooden box with a figurine in it hanging on the wall next to a door
a white box with an intricate design on the front and sides, sitting next to a green sprayer
an intricately designed wooden stand with gold jewelry hanging from it's top shelf
The Mandir Store
Wide Wooden Mandir/ Wide Wooden Temple/ ...
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a shelf with some statues on it in the middle of a room that is white and tan
4 Pooja Rooms That Use a Unique Mix of Materials in Their Designs
an ornate wooden wall with paintings on it
Mandir Design: 16+ Home Temple Designs for Small Flats
Marble kraft
a golden buddha statue sitting on top of a white table next to a wall mounted mirror
6 Pooja Room Elements You Must Know About Before Getting One
there is a buddha statue sitting on the steps in front of some food and candles