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I think starting the day with a clean breakfast makes it easier for me to keep on track during the day, it makes me think I started the day good now I don't want to mess up the rest! Happy day!

I have been trying lots of new healthy recipes, some turned out really good! others were just a waste. Now I need to put the good ones in a post! (one day)😂, no seriously I think posting & sharing clean food really does influence me even though I' not on a strict diet (I tend to feel bad seeing healthier options) but I think just cutting out some food makes a significant change in me inside out. We need to take good care of this beautiful body we inhabit!

Trying to fill myself with some good snacks! #cleaneatingideas #cleaneatingrecipes #cleaneatinglifestyle #healthymum #healthymums #healthymummy

Our new blog post is up now! Cherry and plum pancakes. Healthy, easy and wholesome ☺️ for full recipe visit

In case you missed our last post, plum and cherry pancakes, it is both healthy and wholesome, full recipe