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Celebrating Think-Pair-Share, the Little Strategy That Could, and sharing some best practices for making it work for you.

FREE ESL Think-pair-share is an easy, simple cooperative learning strategy that quickly adds more student engagement to a lesson. These tips will help you get the most from it.

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I absolutely hate the quote "If you can do, if you can't, teach." This quote, however, puts that idea to rest.

Art & Science Club {for kids}: Solar System

Oreo Phases of the Moon Derrington (I love this idea! A teacher across the hall from me used this idea and I thought it was the cutest idea! What better way to learn about the phases of the moon than with Oreos!

Solar System: Rotating and Revolving anchor chart

Science Anchor Chart -Solar System: Rotating and Revolving Teaching Special Thinkers. I would use this to teach the difference between the planets rotating and revolving. After this, I could work my way into the stars and different constellations.

Space Unit: Making an Undiscovered Planet with coordinated print-out/booklet

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Making an Undiscovered Planet Use a styrofoam ball and an old CD to make a ringed planet.