@superstartunes Unsigned bands and independent music artists can all benefit from using Superstartunes.com as a place to kick off their music career. That’s all down to the fact we exist to bridge the gap between you ‘the talent’ and them ‘the music industry’. www.superstartunes.com

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@superstartunes Climbing your career scale as a musician involves a lot of hard work. This is in fact a lot more, when you are ready for your first public performance. A well crafted plan is an essential requirement for your first gig and definitely for all future ones going forward. www.superstartunes.com

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@superstartunes Want to know whether your music is going to make it? Use Superstartunes.com and we’ll play your music to our website visitors and ask them for feedback www.superstartunes.com

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@superstartunes Do you love music and spend hours crafting songs and lyrics but just don’t know how to get your sounds out there? Are you an unsigned artist looking for a platform to launch your music for the whole world to hear? Or would you like help in promoting your work to the music industry? If you answered ‘hell yeah’ to the above, then quite simply, you need Superstartunes.com in your life. #superstar #music #tune #song #superstartunes

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@superstartunes We exist to open up that door, flinging it wide open and ensuring that talented UK unsigned artists are seen and heard by the people who matter. #superstartunes #superstar #music #tune #song www.superstartunes.com

@superstartunes When it comes to getting on in the music business, the door is usually well and truly closed, locked and bolted. The music industry is notoriously difficult to get into, but not for much longer… because now we’re here: Superstartunes.com. #superstar #music #tune #song #superstartunes

@superstartunes Simply load up your tunes here and we’ll put it out there for people all over the world to hear and feedback on. #superstar #music #tune #song #superstartunes www.superstartunes.com

@superstartunes Superstartunes.com is also a great way of linking up with other artists producing music in the same genre. You can share videos of your favourite artists, post tracks to your social networking sites, and ultimately help to spread the word. #superstartunes #superstar #music #tune #song www.superstartunes.com

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