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One of the very famous historic temple throughout India is ‘Sarangpur Wale Hanuman’ also known as ‘Shri Kashtbhanjan Hanumanji Temple’ located at SARANGPUR (also pronounced as SALANGPUR) village belongs to BOTAD district in the Indian state of GUJARAT. Sarangpur Wale Hanuman is very powerful deity. Kashtbhanjandev (means crusher of sorrows) is a stout figure with a handlebar moustache, crushing a female demon under his foot and baring his teeth, standing among sculpted foliage full of fruit

Shri Hanuman Temple, Jamnagar (Gujarat)Sri Hanuman Temple, Jamnagar – The most famous temple of Lord Hanuman in Gujarat is the Sri Bala Hanuman Temple which is visited by the most devoted devotees of Hanuman. This temple holds the world record for the longest continuous chanting of Ram naam since 1964. - See more at:

Reclining deity of Lord Hanuman Temple of Pandupole Pandupole Hanuman Temple is located in Alwar district of Rajasthan in India. This temple is famous for its reclining postured deity of Lord Hanuman. The deity also got a very long tail

Panchmukhi Hanuman Temple Rameswaram - अजजनगरभ समभत कपनदर सचवततम रमपरय नमसतभय हनमन रकष सरवद| ajjanagarbha sambhuta kapindra sacivottama | Ramapriya namastubhyam hanuman raksa sarvada || -