The Horseheads Nebula via ESA ~ The European Space Agency

The Horseheads Nebula via ESA ~ The European Space Agency. I've always dreamed that one day we will be able to see nebulas up close i hope i will let we to see the day.

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******ZARAH******* Like our page **********************************************************

The Carina Nebula.  In celebration of the 17th anniversary of the launch and deployment of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, a team of astronomers is releasing one of the largest panoramic images ever taken with Hubble's cameras.	 Amazing Space Learn about this story in the Star Witness, a science newspaper available on our sister site, Amazing Space.  It is a 50-light-year-wide view of the central region of the Carina Nebula where a maelstrom of star birth — and death — is taking place.

The Carina Nebula is much less well known due to its location in the Southern Sky, ESO, VTL Telescope , Chile.does anyone else see a figure in this picture?

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