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Premature ageing because of Water

Progeria is a rare genetic disease that accelerates ageing. For this who have seen the Bollywood film Paa starring Amitabh Bachchan, the…

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Why were those animals limping?

An Indian and British doctor saw some limping cattle in Prakasam area in southern India in 1930s. Their conclusion was startling. Not just…

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Fluoride : 7 reasons why it is a trouble

Fluoride is an element that we get in abundance. We do not realize that it gets into our system through many routes. It could be our daily…

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Anemia: an unusual hack to focus

Anemia is a condition when the body lacks red blood cells. These cells carry oxygen to the various body parts.

You doubt your natural toothpaste? You should

Chances are that you are aware about toxins that have infested your life. The water that you drink. The food that you eat. The cosmetics…

One easy recipe to flush out toxins

Let us come to terms with an important fact. Many of the health conscious lots among us think how to flush out toxins.

Know the ultimate truth on organic healthy food

Have you made changes to your grocery buying habits recently?

One confidential truth on drinking and IQ test

Do you find your children struggle with cognitive learning? Do they find it difficult to cope with subjects like Maths?

MSD — Not M S Dhoni

Ever heard of MSD — Mahendra Singh Dhoni — the Indian cricket superstar

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How to choose your water purifier for excellent benefits

Water is the building block of life. All living beings on Earth depend on it for their survival.