Susannah Bragg

Susannah Bragg

Susannah Bragg
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Harry Potter book bouquet (only pages from the Snape/Lily-chapter of the Deathly Hallows must be used!) <3

Bridal bouquet alternatives for brides. Find ideas for bridal bouquets that are alternatives to flowers. Browse through these wedding bouquets that are made from feathers, seashells, herbs and more!

Fern Bouquet

Greenery wedding bouquets are one of the hottest wedding trends in and they really bring a fresh touch to any bridal look. Such bouquets are suitable for woodland, rustic, vintage and any type of outdoor wedding.

imagine having a boquet to keep forever made from your favorite poems, books, and sheet music!

Book page and fabric flowers make a gorgeous wedding bouquet. Some edges are slightly dyed with color. This would make a great bouquet to throw that way whoever catches it can keep it forever and there would be no color change or wilting!