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Disney has been a big part of many people's lives. Children and adults enjoy their cartoons, movies, and series. They managed to create a magical world where almost everyone can find someone to relate to, a place they love, or a story that captures their hearts. Samuel MB, artist, actor, and primary school teacher, mixes fantasy and reality by placing popular Disney characters in his photos. In the pictures, he hangs out with his favorite characters like Simba, Ariel, Hercules, and many…

Guy Edits Disney Characters Into His Photos And The Result Looks Like They’re Having A Blast (30 Pic

Disney has been a big part of many people's lives. Children and adults enjoy their cartoons, movies, and series. They managed to create a magical world where almost everyone can find someone to relate to.

There’s something mildly dispiriting about being asked to identify blurry fire hydrants, distorted crosswalks, virtually unidentifiable parking meters, and bent traffic lights arranged to look nothing like they do in real life. But hey, Captcha, officially known as Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart, is simply doing its job. The question remains why proving you’re not a robot causes so much irritation. No wonder people on social media are posting their…

16 Times People Struggled With These Captchas So Much, They Shared It Online

If identifying all the parking meters in the pic sends your brain into overdrive, we just want you to know, you're not the only one.

Bad puns and one big 360° eye roll are signs you’ve encountered a dad joke. It can happen anywhere—a Thanksgiving dinner, your graduation, a 5-minute phone call to your mom (dad picking up the phone every time is one of the greatest unexplained mysteries), or during a drive to the supermarket. But the point is, unlike our dads, they never get old. Luckily, the endless source of impossibly cringy dad jokes, puns, one-liners, and wisdom bites has been discovered so that humanity can now be…

30 Of The Funniest Dad Jokes From This Account Dedicated Entirely To Them (New Pics)

The official cringe fest where 360° eye rolls are guaranteed. (But don't tell your dad his joke made it to Instagram.)

We like to think of ourselves as an eloquent species. After all, we are fairly good at communicating. Unfortunately, there are also moments when we forget to human, and most of these moments don’t always come with the opportunity to redeem one’s self. There are so many (hilarious and embarrassing) things that can happen because of lethologica or plain and simple mental block.

50 funny brain farts that we can all relate to

This is what happens when you suddenly find yourself at loss for some words. Or just... one simple word?

Here Are 45+ “Instagram” vs. “Reality” Photos Of Girls That Are Hard To Believe Are Of The Same Person:

45+ 'Instagram' vs. 'Reality' Photos Of Girls

These transformations are incredible.

As we all know, nowadays, social media are a true battlefield, with people exchanging their opinions over social networks and engaging in heated debates with other people online and the debates often get personal. A good comeback is a game-changer, as they let you turn the tables on your opponent and wipe that smirk off their face in a matter of seconds! These people have done just that. We present you with the list of some of the most savage comebacks ever to be posted on social media.

60 hilarious comebacks that packed a mean punch

These comebacks left people speechless.

Answer this question truthfully – do you really know how to use quotation marks properly? Because as it turns out – lots of people don’t. Like…at all. When quotation marks aren’t used properly, they can make the context a bit “off” if you catch our drift. Regardless, when people don’t use quotation marks properly, the end result can be quite comical. We have 60 examples that will have you scratching your head and giggling to yourself.

60 hilarious times quotation marks sent the completely wrong message

As it turns out, almost no one knows how to use quotation marks.

Here are 65 people (and a couple of animals) who look eerily close to celebrities.

65 people who look identical to a celebrity

They’re not famous, but they might as well be!

We may not realize it consciously, but our brains are used to a measure of symmetry. And when it’s lacking in what we look at, it can be disconcerting and even stressful. Some of us seem to be bothered by this more than others, and some can still find order in clutter. Or maybe what causes our dismay has nothing to do with symmetry–or the lack of it. There are a lot of reasons someone might look at something and just think, “This is wrong.” Where do you stand on this scale? How long before…

75 uncomfortable photos people can't stand to look at

Try to get through them if you dare.

We’re all living in a year that no one will ever forget. But, on top of everything else that’s going on, these 50 people are having hilariously sucky moments that are totally ruining their day!

50 sucky moments that’ll make you reconsider your ‘bad day’

Some people really do have the worst luck.

Stuff happens. Things go wrong. Sometimes they are shocking and horrible things that at the time are hard to take. Maybe they will be hard to take for a long time. Or maybe, by the time you’ve cleaned up whatever mess has been made—and taken a really great picture to post online—you’re already starting to chuckle. For the rest of us, those who didn’t have to live the event, just look at the pictures, we’re either laughing or wincing. And depending on what’s happened, some very nice people…

50 bad days that truly, truly sucked

There's no sugar coating these bad day fails.

Everyone loves making their significant other laugh. One great way to make your loved one chuckle is playing a prank on them. From rearranging your house to writing a surprising note, there are plenty of great pranks to play on your loved one. We’ve collected some of the funniest pranks from couples who aren’t afraid to test their relationships. These pranks are all clever, cute, and gut-bustingly hilarious. We’re amazed by the creativity of these couples! If you want to play a funny prank…

50+ Hilarious Pranks Couples Played On Each Other

These pranks are all clever, creative, and hilarious!

Being single has never been a crime. With high divorce rates and more people shying away from relationships, it’s pretty much the norm. Sadly, we aren’t all built the same. Some people cope with being alone better than others. Here’s a list of 75 people who make being single feel like a crime.

75 single people who can’t cope with being single

Being single comes with its own array of challenges. Here are 75 ways people managed it perfectly as well as epically badly.

Men and women are different. We can fight it all we want but it’s true. There are some things women are naturally better at and some things men are better at. We crossover all of the time, but these photos will remind you why you love being who you are.

60 Pics Showing The Funny Differences Between Men And Women

Men and women are different. We can fight it all we want but it's true. We crossover all of the time, but these photos will make you love being who you are.

Getting to share your life with someone who gets you is a beautiful thing. Some partners like to remind each other of this every so often to keep the love alive. That’s what love notes are for. Couples like to leave them for each other around the house. Sometimes they’ll pack them with their partner’s lunch. And sometimes they are posted in more unconventional ways.

75 unconventional ‘love notes’ written by partners with a sense of humor

Some things can only be said with a note.

When you finally have kids, you’ll realize that everything about being a parent isn’t only rainbows and happy days. There can be moments that may get the best of you and you can’t do anything about it because you are a parent, and it’s all just part of the job. Yes, parenting is not easy at all, but it can definitely be better if you try to make it a fun journey! It may seem difficult to imagine, but there are useful hacks that will surely make parenting a fun adventure. These 60 hacks are…

75 Parents Who’ve Put Humor In Their Parenting Hacks

You have to find humor in the crazy world of parenting.